We’re on a mission to raise $250,000 to fund the Roundtable’s first year of work.

The Responsible Leather Roundtable is a platform through which a diverse body of stakeholders will be able to collaborate, cooperate, and address the challenges facing the global leather supply chain, from reputational risk to environmental impacts, and beyond.

We are asking for sponsorship funding to support our work and meet the goals the Responsible Leather Roundtable has for the industry.

If you are interested in supporting our work, please email ResponsibleLeather@TextileExchange.org.


Top 3 reasons to get involved:

1. ) The leather supply chain is undeniably complex

Hide sourcing and tanning operations happen around the globe, in a wide range of conditions. It’s further complicated through its reliance on the beef industry, where leather buyers have little to no visibility or influence.

Agricultural Commodity Supply Chains: Trade, Consumption and Deforestation (2016 Chatham House report)

Global map of shoe production and sales. @Public Eye


2. ) Today’s consumers expect more transparency and sustainability


Some of the major areas experiencing increased consumer concern and interest include animal welfare, environmental, and social impacts, especially as they relate to the production of leather goods. Through the media and their own research, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of this global industry  – we offer a way to tie everything together and work towards a common goal to address these issues.


3. ) Good work is already being done, so let’s all work together

  • The beef industry has already begun to address some of the animal welfare and environmental impacts of raising cattle (GRSB).
  • Initiatives exist on the group to tackle deforestation caused by cattle raising in the Amazon (CFA).
  • Multiple tools and protocols are being developed and research is being conducted at the tannery level to address the many negative impacts of this process (LWG, WWF, Tannery of the Future, Solidaridad Network).

Textile Exchange believes there’s a meaningful opportunity for us to step in and further advance the sustainability of the global leather value chain, which is why the Responsible Leather Roundtable aims to work alongside stakeholders across the industry and add value to the efforts already being put forth.


If you are interested in offering a financial contribution to our work, please email ResponsibleLeather@TextileExchange.org.