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Leather Learning Series

It is a three-part series to educate brands and retailers on the many aspects of leather, its production, and where it comes from.

 Webinar Archive

Leather Learning Series – Part 3 – Leather Processing: Stages, Challenges, Solutions
October 13, 2020

In Part 3 of the Leather Learning Series, our speakers shed light on the stages of leather processing, environmental and social challenges, chemical management, and available solutions in the sector.


  • Michael Costello, Group Director of ESG at Stahl
  • Fernando Bellese, Chief Sustainability Officer at PrimeAsia Leather Company
  • Dr. Julian Schenten, Senior Researcher at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
  • Deborah Taylor, Managing Director, Sustainable Leather Foundation

View the recording here   Access the slide presentation here


Leather Learning Series – Part 2 – Leather’s Connection to the Farm
June 23, 2020

Leather’s Connection to the Farm featured stories from and about the source of leather – the farm. The webinar speakers introduced the regenerative grazing and its benefits to farmers, soil, and livestock; explained how cattle farming practices can be environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable; revealed environmental and social challenges of farmers in Brazil, and more. To learn more, please access the recording, the presentation, and the transcript of the Q&A.


  • Pablo Borrelli, Co-founder of Ovis 21, EOV Program Manager at Savory Institute
  • Charton  Jahn Locks, Associate Founder and CEO, Aliança da Terra
  • Mariano Salerno, Director, Sustainable Products Development, ACDI
  • Kaley Segboer, Certification Framework Manager, Canadian Round Table for Sustainable Beef (CRSB)

View The Recording Here       Access the Presentation Here       Access the Q&A Report Here

Leather Learning Series – Part 1 – The Inherent Sustainability of Leather
April 14, 2020

The Inherent Sustainability of Leather focused on describing the fundamentals of leather – its value as a material, its natural sustainability, and a discussion on its role in a circular economy.  We would like to thank the webinar speakers and participants for an engaging and well attended event.


  • Anne Gillespie, Director of Impact Acceleration – Textile Exchange
  • Stephen Sothmann, President – Leather & Hide Council of America
  • Kerry Senior, Director – Leather UK
  • Egbert Dikkers, Chair – Leather Naturally

View The Recording Here        Access The Presentation Here     Access The Q&A Here

Traceability in the  Leather  Production Supply Chain webinar
March 31, 2020

View the Recording Recording Here    Access the Presentation Here