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Leather Learning Series

It is a three-part series to educate brands and retailers on the many aspects of leather, its production, and where it comes from.

Part Two, June 23, 2020 – Leather’s Connection to the Farm will shed light onto the source of leather – the farm.

Webinar speakers will introduce the regenerative grazing and its benefits to farmers, soil, and livestock; explain how cattle farming practices can be environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable; reveal what social responsibility in regards to local communities and indigenous peoples implies, and more.

Registration will open soon.

Join us for Part Three on  Leather Production in September 2020.

 Webinar Archive

Leather Learning Series – Part 1 – The Inherent Sustainability of Leather
April 14, 2020

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Traceability in the  Leather  Production Supply Chain webinar
March 31, 2020

View the Recording Recording Here    Access the Presentation Here