Upcoming Task Group Meetings

There are no upcoming events at this time.


About Task Groups

We offer the opportunity to join Task Groups operating under the Responsible Leather Round Table (RLRT) or the under the Responsible Leather Assessment tool International Working Group (RLA IWG).

Task Groups are time-limited opportunities to engage and discuss a specific topic relevant to the mandate of the RLRT or to the development of the RLA.

All Task Groups:

  • Meet outside of the regular RLRT or RLA IWG meeting schedules.
  • Are focused on a single issue at a time.
  • Identify issues, activities, or actions related to the topic.
  • Do not make decisions; discusses options and presents them to the full RLRT or RLA IWG.
  • Are time-limited.
  • Can be led by Textile Exchange or by another stakeholder.
  • Always supported by Textile Exchange.

Please read our Task Group Structure for more information.


Task Group Meeting Archive

Traceability Task Group Meeting #1 – September 24, 2018

Traceability Task Group Meeting #1 Slides
Traceability Task Group Meeting #1 Notes
Traceability Task Group Meeting #1 Recording