About Task Groups

Task Groups are time-limited opportunities to engage and discuss a specific topic related to our mandate.

Task Groups:

  • Meet outside of the regular Roundtable meeting schedule
  • Are focused on a single issue at a time
  • Identify issues and activities related to the topic
  • Do not make decisions; discusses options and presents them to the full Roundtable
  • Are time-limited
  • Can be led by Textile Exchange or by another stakeholder
  • Supported by Textile Exchange

Please read our Task Group Structure for more information.


Upcoming Task Groups

  1. Roundtable Structure and Mandate
    Task: Look at the structure and mandate of the Roundtable. We will look at the charter, put forth a proposed vision and mission for the greater group to comment on, and focus on the roles and responsibilities of the participants as well as the backbone organization.
  2. Scopes Prioritization
    Task: Look at which issues we should try to address through the verification system, and which we can address through separate roundtable activities. We will identify the ”why” behind each issue, so that we can clearly articulate the importance of each verification scope. We can use the results from the last survey, consider a new one, and look at what is most practical to ensure we have success. We can also discuss whether there should be multiple tiers allowed (eg: bronze, silver, gold).
  3. Traceability Options
    Task: We are now ready to start looking more deeply at the traceability options: book & claim (certificate trading), mass balance, and full chain of custody. We will talk examine what other organizations such as RSPO have done, talk to the technology providers about what is possible, and look at which options will best meet our needs.