Responsible Leather Round Table

Advancing responsibility and continuous improvement in the global leather value chain.

International Working Group (RLA IWG) Meetings

As one of the main activities under the RLRT, we invite anyone who is interested in participating in the development of the Responsible Leather Assessment tool (RLA) to join the International Working Group (IWG) by registering for the meetings below.

RLA IWG Meeting Schedule

There are no upcoming events at this time.

RLA IWG Meeting Archive

September 11, 2018 Meeting

September 11, 2018 Meeting Recording
September 11, 2018 Meeting Slides

August 14, 2018 Meeting

August 14, 2018 Meeting Notes
August 14, 2018 Meeting Slides

July 10, 2018 Meeting

July 10, 2018 Meeting Notes
July 10, 2018 Meeting Slides

June 12, 2018 Meeting

June 12, 2018 Meeting Notes
June 12, 2018 Meeting Slides