The vision of the RLRT is a carbon neutral leather industry that improves biodiversity, water and soil health while respecting the rights of people and animals.  


The purpose of the Responsible Leather Round Table is to support Textile Exchange’s sustainability vision with focus on the leather industry.  

  • To promote among our stakeholders understanding and appropriation of the Textile Exchange Climate+ strategy as a direction for the industry in the next decade 
  • To fulfil the shift from discussions to actions and deliver measurable results annually 


  • Set meaningful goals that contribute to the overall industry carbon reduction by 45% by 2030, and address biodiversity, soil health, water, and the rights of people and animals
  • Determine how progress towards these goals will be measured and tracked 
  • Identify and prioritize actions each year of the next decade 
  • Mobilize the RLRT stakeholders and others to takactions to meet these goals 
  • To establish partnerships with major players in the industry for collective efforts towards the goals 


The Responsible Leather Round Table addresses the full beef/leather supply chain, with an emphasis on the impacts at the farm level. The final scope has yet to be determined: we will need to decide if we address the impacts of enteric emissions and the embedded energy of feed. 

The work of the Responsible Leather Round Table will include: 

  • Education and information sharing 
  • Inspiration 
  • Identification of common industry terms, measurement systems, and goals 
  • Action to drive the industry players to meet the goals 

How We Add Value 

The Responsible Leather Round Table adds value to the international leather textile industry by bringing together diverse stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of the issues, create alignment on goals and actions, gain commitment from key industry players, measure progress, and mobilize action. 

 Read the full text of the Terms of Reference RLRT-2020.12.15