Textile Exchange’s Responsible Leather Round Table (RLRT) will be hosting the RLRT Summit, an in-person meeting to take place in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 18th from 9am-5pm.

A part of the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference, the RLRT Summit offers an opportunity to learn more about the work Textile Exchange is doing with leather, as well as a chance to engage with representatives from across the beef and leather industries: beef producers, leather manufacturers, brands, and NGOs.

Our Responsible Leather program is working across these two industries to develop a sourcing tool for brands and retailers to use in making more sustainable leather choices, in order to meet the increasing demand of consumers for products that have their origins in responsible farming and processing practices.

Below is a preview of the tentative agenda, and you can learn more about registering here (this meeting falls under “Round Table Meeting Pass”, or is included in the “Full Access Pass”). In addition to the scheduled breaks and lunch, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss and network further!

9:00 – Welcome
9:10 – Introductions
9:45 – Overview of Responsible Leather work
10:00 – Benchmarking/Responsible Leather Assessment Tool
10:30 – Networking Break
11:00 – Credit Trading
12:30 – Lunch
1:30 – Scopes: Animal Welfare
2:15 – Scopes: Deforestation/Conversion-Free
3:00 – Networking Break
3:30 – Scopes: Leather Production
4:00 – Claims Language
4:45 – Parking Lot issues
5:00 – Close

We welcome all who are interested to participate in this summit, to both share your thoughts and learn about the importance of this collaborative approach aimed at not only benefiting the beef, leather, and fashion industries, but the animals, the people, and the planet.

We sincerely hope that you can join us for what will be an insightful, impactful, and worthwhile event. All who are interested are invited to attend, so please feel free to forward this invitation onward to any organizations or individuals that might be benefit from learning more about or getting involved in our work.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Anne and Stefanie at ResponsibleLeather@TextileExchange.org – we will be happy to provide more details and answer any queries you may have.