Let’s plan for 2020 to be a year of meaningful action and impact.

The Responsible Leather program offers you a chance to drive positive change in the leather industry and the planet. The core components of the program are Animal Welfare benchmark, Deforestation/Conversion-Free protocol, Leather Production benchmark, Impact Credits, traceability guidelines, and the claims framework.

We invite you to participate in the Make-A-Difference (M.A.D.) Challenge and complete 4 action challenges by the end of January 2020.

M.A.D. action challenges are:

#1 ACTION: Pledge to Fund the Responsible Leather work for 2020 

2020 will be the year of putting our work into action and driving impact! It is imperative that we have the participation and financial commitment of the industry – it is only together that we can accelerate impact.
To commit to support us in 2020, please fill out the Responsible Leather Funding Pledge Form.

#2 ACTION: Become a voting member of the Responsible Leather International Working Group (RL IWG)

The Responsible Leather International Working Group is open to all. It is a space to stay up to date on the development of the Responsible Leather program and toolkit, but first and foremost, it is a space to create solutions and have a voice. By signing the RL IWG Charter, you gain the power to vote on key decisions and the final draft of the Responsible Leather toolkit.

#3 ACTION: RL IWG Feedback survey 

The Responsible Leather team and our stakeholders are working together to develop an industry sought-after solution. Your feedback is crucial for the creation of a toolkit that addresses the real needs of the industry and has a direct impact on the beef/leather supply chain.

#4 ACTION: Impact Credit Market Potential survey

Impact Credits are a mechanism for brands to deliver their expectations back to the start of the supply chain and provide financial rewards to incentivize them. Through this week’s challenge, we would like to learn what potential brands see for Impact Credits in the market.

What are the rewards?

⦁ For each individual that completes all four actions by the end of January, we will plant a tree in your honor in the region of your choice: North America, Latin America, Asia or Africa.
⦁ After signing the RL IWG Charter, you will have a right to vote and have a say in decisions that craft the future of the RL program.
⦁ Your support will help create an industry tool that will deliver meaningful impact on climate change, biodiversity protection, animal welfare, as well as the social and environmental impacts of leather processing.
⦁ You will end this decade on a note of determination and start the 2020 with motivation and a clear vision for moving ahead.

Responsible Leather gives us an opportunity to be part of the solution, and we hope that your motivation continues to be as strong as ours – take action now!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at ResponsibleLeather@TextileExchange.org – we will be happy to provide more details and answer any queries you may have.