Upcoming Meetings Overview

*All meetings are from 10:00-11:30 AM EST / 4:00-5:30 PM CET unless otherwise noted


RLRT Meeting Schedule

RLRT meetings are intended to:

  • Provide updates on general issues
  • Discuss topics of interest
  • Give updates on RLA progress
  • Identify work streams needed and initiate Task Groups

RLRT Meeting Archive

Materials for all previous Responsible Leather Round Table (RLRT) meetings are provide on the linked page.


RLA IWG Meeting Schedule

RLA IWG meetings are intended to:

  • Discuss the direction of tool development
  • Discuss key decisions to be made
  • Review the progress of Task Group work

RLA IWG Meeting Archive

Materials for all previous meetings of the Responsible Leather Assessment tool International Working Group (IWG)  are provide on the linked page.


Task Groups

Learn about RLRT or RLA IWG Task Groups and see a schedule of upcoming Task Group Meetings.